Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Duke Had A Seizure

Over the weekend our dog, Duke had a seizure. Scared us all and most of all Duke. Randy was home for the weekend and was outside with Duke when the seizure started. Scott and Randy stayed with him, calming him down. I guess it lasted around 5 to 10 minutes or so. I was inside sick with bronchitis, watching through the window. Needless to say I started crying which added to my congestion. I took these pictures of Duke in the evening. He was getting lots of love and comfort from Charles. We sure love Duke. He's had no more seizures. PS. I'm feeling better and back to blogging. My Sister will be happy!

Monday, February 16, 2009

A Gift From Ashlee

A package arrived for me in the mail on Friday. It's not often I get packages so I hurriedly opened it and found the most beautiful runner for my kitchen table. Ashlee had made it for me. Ashlee embroidered her and Paul's hand prints on one side and embroidered the words "We Gather Together To Ask The Lords Blessing" on the other side. I cried when I saw it, I was so moved. I mean to think of the time she spent...with love in every stitch for her Aunt Becky! Well, it brought a wave of home sickness which made me cry even more. I am still so overwhelmed and touched. Words can't express the love in my heart. I love you Ashlee and Paul and will cherish it always. XXOO

Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Kyle's Ford Set Up

Scott, Ethan and Josh Owenby headed out this morning to the Kyle's Ford Shoot out across the mountain. It's held the first Saturday of every month, where local men get together and shoot at paper plates...$10.00 a plate. It may sound simple, but it's quite competitive. I gave Scott my camera and said "take pictures for the blog". Well, they forgot to take pictures... and that's where Scott tried to pull one over me. On the way home he realized he'd forgotten the pictures so he stopped by the side of the road just above our property and pretended they were at the shootout. I bet they were laughing their heads off, trying to pull one over their mom! I knew right off they weren't real pictures! I mean really...look at the road in the pictures and since when do you stand and shoot? Ethan was holding a paper plate, but it wasn't his. He later confessed he didn't even shoot. It was Josh's plate. Scott just smiled and said he didn't want to disappoint me by not bringing pictures. Now is that love or what?

Friday, February 6, 2009

A Kidney Stone For Becky

A trip to the ER....it wasn't how I planned to spend my last snow day. I had spent the morning crocheting and relaxing, then decided the house needed a good cleaning. Ethan was tackling his room and I was cleaning the floor when all the sudden my left side over my kidney started to hurt like crazy. I couldn't get comfortable any which way, and then the nausea came. Ethan wouldn't take no for an answer and drove me to the ER (thank goodness he'd just gotten his license!). To make a long story short, I have a kidney stone and the little guy is trying to make it's way out! I spent a couple hours in the ER getting fluids, pain meds. and antibiotics and then was sent home with a strainer and lot of RX. Dr. said it should come out in the next several days and to drink plenty of water. I'll be a good patient and do exactly what he says. I had Ethan take pictures of the event, like a good blogger...and this time I didn't have a stitch of makeup on!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow Day

We wait for these days all year long...snow day! Last night the snow began to fall and the winds howl, making the country roads icy and dangerous. ...schools were called off. We didn't get much snow, but you have to understand about country roads, there's no way to clear 'em all, so basically we wait until the snow melts. Our school district has a plan in place. We go 1/2 hour extra each day (8:00-3:00) all year long, building up 13 snow days to be used for days such as these. Needless to say, the children and staff all look forward to snow days. So what do we do on these days? The boys call it "Mexican snowboarding." They head out to our field pulling their sleds behind the 4 wheelers, making donuts in the snow. If they don't have sleds, a piece of plywood will do. ..and let me tell you, these boys (and Jenna!) are rough and tough trying to make each other fall off the sled. I had plenty for them to eat when they came in: more chili and cornbread, peach cobbler and chocolate chip cookies. PS. Just heard schools were closed tomorrow too!

Daniel Wesson,Justin and Jenna Fugate, Charles and Ethan Little

Monday, February 2, 2009

Ant Farm

Charles found a nest of small black ants while fixing his Fiero. They were under the metal cover on the exhaust. He brought the nest home, then went out to the garage and made an ant farm. He hot glued two pieces of glass together and made a stand out of wood. It's really cool. He put a layer of dirt and sand, used a straw as a trough for water and feeds them sugar and honey. The ants were kind of sluggish at first, waking them up from their hibernation. We put saran wrap on top for a lid and every once in awhile I see ants on the counter which I squash immediately! We have a magnifying glass nearby and enjoy looking at it many times throughout the day, watching the ants make tunnels. Life is interesting with boys and me as their mother!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Randy surprised us, coming home for the weekend from school (TTU). Did we see him much...no. He's social and spent most the time with his friends. He reminds me a lot of his Aunt Brenda who was very social when she was younger... still is. He's majoring in engineering and has a full load. He's put some fun in his schedule though, taking scuba diving. He's also thinking of joining a fraternity at school. When the boys do spend time together, they seem to congregate around the garage. Good place for the boys to hang out. They've got motors and many projects in the making. Charles is currently working on restoring a wetbike for the summer. Charles is also turning out to be a little organizer, continually organizing his Dad who has a difficult time throwing things away. Ethan is like his dad in that way, though it's organized junk. They're all so different, but I can see their Dad in each of them. How blessed can I be?
Super Bowl XLIII Pittsburgh Steelers 27 Arizona Cardinals 23 Darn!