Saturday, January 31, 2009

Katie Coon

Scott got his little Katie out today. It's a cold brisk day, not much going on, and a perfect day to let Katie Coon out of her cage. Scott usually lets her out every couple weeks. She's pretty tame, but still a wild raccoon with a deadly growl to those she doesn't know or trust yet....just ask our neighbors. She loves her Scott though. He's got a calming way with animals. She'll be investigating all day and Scott will find her in the morning, usually in the big barn curled up in the hay. She goes right to him. We've had Katie for 11 years now and have a wild life permit to make her legal. Scott surprised me with Katie when she was 8 weeks old and still on a bottle. He said" I got you some female companionship!" A raccoon? This is from a man who grew up with a pet fox. Katie's been neutered years ago and is now fat and sassy with a diet of dog food. In the summer we'll catch her crawdads from the creek, a treat for sure. We all love our Katie Coon. Below are pictures of Scott with Katie and Charles feeding Katie my homemade cornbread.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day: A Learners Permit For Ethan

Today Barack Obama was sworn in as our 44th President. Schools were closed again due to snow in the mountains so Ethan and I got to watch the inauguration on TV. We watched history in the making right before our eyes, an event that many Americans are sure to remember. It was emotional seeing the change of power take place between the presidents. I ask everyone to pray for President Obama as he leads and guides our country...One Nation Under God. It was also a big day for Ethan as he got his Learners Permit. He passed the written test with ease, the hardest part was his vision test. The letters were blurry and he had to repeat the test five times, barely passing. The DMV personnel encouraged me to take him to the eye Dr. I knew he was having some difficulty seeing.... thank goodness we just got vision insurance. I'll be making an eye appointment this next week. Ethan drove part way home and did a good job. He's quite the sport too in letting me take his photo!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Cold Day

An Arctic blast came down from the north bringing frigid temperatures and with it, school closing. Last night it got to 1 degree and with the wind chill it was minus 10 degrees. Most of the school systems in Northeast Tennessee closed school due to the extreme cold. Now some of you may be thinking "schools closed for zero degree temperatures?" I know it's unheard of in your part of the country, but in Tennessee, it hasn't been this cold since 1996. Many of the children here don't have the proper winter clothing and to think of them standing outside for 10 minutes waiting on the to stay inside. Ethan took it easy today playing on the computer, cleaning his room some and helping me with chores. I spent the day cleaning, washing clothes, taking down my nativity set and baking peanut blossom cookies (as you can see below.) And no cold day is complete without a big pot of chili. Tonight is another cold night, down to three degress.....Burrrr.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Randy Is Home

Randy came home about an hour ago. Made the trip in a little under 12 hours, driving straight through, missing a big storm now in PA. It was a safe trip with lots of memories. TJ got to go ice skating for the first time, Randy improved his driving on the ice and snow, learning all about "round abouts" from his Uncle Randy. From ice fishing to a snowmobile trip up in Vermont...they had a great time. They entertained relatives; Aunt Darshan said she laughed so hard her belly ached just trying to understand their southern drawl. I'm sure everyone got a sample of Randy's quick wit. They also got in a visit with good friend Marcus and family. Spent time working in Grandpa's shop, slept in, ate Grandma's goodies and ate barbecue from a certified, bonified, master chef...their own Uncle Perry. Randy is exhausted and already asleep on our couch. I've covered him with several afghans and thanked the Lord for His protection on Randy's first big road trip. Thanks to our family for taking such good care of these boys! We send our love.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ice Fishing In New York

I called Randy and TJ Payne in New York. They're having a great time visiting with Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Randy, Perry and Darshan and cousins. They went snowmobiling the first day they got there. Uncle Randy took 'em ice fishing and Randy said they nearly froze to death. Heard they had to dig 6 inches through the frozen ice to reach water. No fish, but I'm sure it was an experience. Uncle Randy sent me this photo of the boys ice fishing. They're still in NY and I think of them (and pray for them) daily.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Restless Randy Off To New York

Randy announced last night "I'm bored and I'm going on a road trip to NY." He promptly got on the phone and called his friends to see who wanted to go. Called Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Randy and Uncle Perry to say he was coming, went to his room and counted his change (literally) and came up with $150.00...enough to get him there. His truck was fixed and he was itchin' to go. Nothing I said could talk him out of it. He took some snacks and water with him and an hour later picked up his good friend TJ Payne and they were off for the 14 hour drive to Wynantskill, NY....without a map. I'm sure images of white snow and snowmobiling filled his head. Grandma called and said he sounded like his Dad when he was young...going up north on a road trip with $10.oo in his pocket. This is the last photo I took of Randy. He's banged and bruised from a 4-wheeler wreck the day before...that's another story. PS. Randy just called and said he arrived safely at Grandmas. Thank the Lord!

Bringing In The New 2009 Year

Our world is a lot different from my sisters in Utah. The men brought the new year in with hunting, shooting and 4-wheeling. They don't have to go far to do it...just out in the back yard. It's been a relaxing couple of days with everyone doing their own thing and having friends over. I mostly kept the food coming. Happy New Year to you all from Tennessee and may God bless you and your family.