Monday, June 18, 2018

Save the Date: Randy and Hillary

A wedding date has been set for September 1 at the Whitestone Inn, Kingston, TN. The ceremony will take place in their chapel and we couldn't be happier for them.  We are counting down the days! 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Becky Flying to Utah and Scott Flying to Brazil

Off to Brazil and Utah.  I had purchased my tickets to Utah weeks ago and TRW finally confirmed Scott's travel plans to Brazil...we were both flying to Atlanta the same day. His flight was after mine, but with my three hour scheduled lay over, I met him in Atlanta as he got off his flight. We had time for a quick meal together and then he saw me off to my flight to SLC. I love you babe. 

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Josh and Shay Wedding

Shay and Josh were united in marriage this evening at their church in Mt. City. It was simple and heartfelt and on the way home Scott said, "Now that's how a wedding should be."  It was the first sit down wedding we've ever attended. They combined the ceremony with the reception, and we watched them say their vows from our table.  The ceremony was simple and perfect and to see Josh's face as Shay walked in... it brought tears to all. One of my favorite parts of the ceremony was listening to Shay's story, her journey from China and being adopted by the Visser family.  God is faithful! We attended the wedding with Nana and Steve and got plenty of visiting time in with everyone in attendance. Another cool idea they had for the reception was serving an ice cream bar with toppings galore. Better than cake any day. We pray blessings on Shay and Josh as they begin their lives together.  A cord of three strands is not easily broken.  Ecc 4:12  

Tuesday, June 12, 2018


Ethan loves, loves fruit. We usually order our strawberries through our local nursery in April/May from South Carolina. Due to spring rains, we found out there'd be no strawberries this year and we were totally bummed out.  Ethan came home to a surprise today...I found a local farmer that still had them available. 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Ethan's Electric Bicycle

What does an electrical engineer do in his spare time? This past year while at school, Ethan has been turning a bicycle into an electric bike. It's way cool. You peddle downhill and then when the going gets tough, just press a switch and the electric motor takes over. He also built in a large battery pack that so far, has not needed recharging. Ethan is totally amazing! and I just wanted to take a moment to brag on him.  

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Randy and Hillary Engaged!

According to legend, in 1519, an explorer named Hernando Cortez was commissioned by the Spanish crown to set sail to the Yucatan and conquer it in the name of Spain. Cortez and his army set out at once and when they reached the shores of the Yucatan, Cortez turned to his men and said, "Burn the boats." For the sake of his mission, it would be all or nothing.  He wanted his men to realize that they had no opportunity to retreat, so they had to give this fight everything they had. Failure was no longer an option. 

The above theme of being "all in" is a thread that runs through the Campus Outreach ministry. They emphasize with the college students that when you accept Christ as your Savior, there's no turning back, you're committed all the way! It's a visible life change. Weeks ago, Randy built his boat with that same theme in mind as he planned his engagement proposal to Hillary. 

The week before the proposal, Randy had painted 'El Barco" on their plywood boat...I think it means boat in Spanish. Randy was planned, ready, and everyone had their directions. He gave us our list of things to bring to the marina, including El Barco, our boat, bundles of wood, oars and  a tow rope. We had everything at Mountain Cove marina by the specified time, meeting up with Randy's friends. We launched both boats and from this point, our part was done and Randy's buddies took over. They towed Randy's El Barco boat (paddles included) to the shore at Cowboy's On the Water restaurant located nearby (where Randy and Hillary just happened to be dining inside...all part of the plan!)  His friends then drove our boat to a nearby island, about 1/2 mile away, hiding the boat from Hillary's view. They set up tiki torches and left the bundles of wood there with lighter fluid and then hid in the trees with a camera.  Meanwhile, Randy and Hillary finish their dinner, and he takes her outside to their  El Barco boat waiting on the shore. I'm sure at this point Hillary knew the night would be special! Randy told us how he rowed Hillary to the island and proposed to her there, asking her to be his wife.  He then put the bundled wood in the boat, lighting it on fire like Hernando Cortez, saying there was no turning back in their marriage. Failure was not an option. I'm sure he said things about love too! I was so emotional back at the marina, knowing what was happening and I could just picture that boat burning on the water, emphasizing their commitment to each other. While Randy, Hillary and his friends were on the island and taking pictures, we were back at the marina decorating for their engagement celebration.  We met Hillary's family, celebrating the future union of our families. Later, we watched as Randy and Hillary arrived at the dock, with El Barco in tow, as the fire didn't engulf it like he expected. Randy shared with everyone how he proposed to Hillary and then she showed us her ring. Hillary was radiating like the sun and so beautiful. What a special night it was...God is so very good! We're so happy for them and humbled and amazed at God's plan and answered prayer, all in His timing. Have you ever waited for God's plan to unfold and then when it does, it's better than you ever imagined?  That's how we feel and I bet Randy and Hillary feel the same way!

Scott, Chaz, Copeland, Coleman and Ethan

Scott, Steve (Hillary's step dad), Glenda (Hillary's grandma), Kim (Hillary's mom) and Becky

Scott, Randy, Hillary, Becky, Charles and Ethan.

Our men with Hillary: Ethan (25), Randy (29), Hillary (28) and Charles (31)