Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Bear to the Vet

Our Bear has not been feeling well recently and he's got us all pretty worried. He stopped eating several days ago, just laying around.  When Bear didn't bark at the UPS man, I knew he was very sick.  Also, his left eye started clouding up and draining a thick mucus.  We took him to the vet this morning, finding out his temp. was over 104 degrees. They started him on strong antibiotics, keeping him several days for observation. Chest X-ray was negative. On a sad note, he's lost the vision of that left eye. I spent my lunch break visiting Bear and loving on him.  After several days on antibiotics, Bear's temp is still not down to normal and no appetite. The vet is leaning towards a diagnosis of  blastomycosis, a fungal infection that he may have picked up when digging in the dirt.  Bear is home with us now under our tender loving care, as we wait for the blood results. We sure would appreciate your prayers for our Bear. We love him so. 

Monday, December 3, 2018

Test Day for Leo

Today was a big day for Leo...follow-up testing at Cincinnati Children's' hospital. We were unable to be there with him so we did the next best thing, setting up a group text.  Even Randy text a few times! Gino stayed home to watch Max and Elena kept us updated throughout the day, sending pictures of our little hero.  He started the day dressed for battle as Buzz Lightyear and he rocked the day. His first test was a Dexa scan of his bones which showed awesome improvement in bone density.  He aced his walking test with a dance at the end and handled the blood drawing like a trouper. The echo of his heart showed what we all knew... Leo had one very special, big, caring heart and yes..the test results were normal!  My favorite picture of the day was the picture of the whole medical team together. They spent years together in the hospital and what joy it must have been for them seeing Leo today. It was a day of great encouragement for the staff, seeing a happy, spirit filled Buzz Lightyear! What a testimony of God's faithfulness. We wanted to encourage Elena and Leo today, but somehow it was they who encouraged us. At he end of the day, all our hearts were overflowing. God is so very good!  

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Elk Grazing and Friends

After church today, our friend Dennis, stopped by our farm to see the elk. He brought his children, Amber and Josh along. We haven't seen them in several years and the kids were all grown up. Amber is now 22 and an RN and Josh is in high school! The elk were out feeding and the kids were able to feed them. It was so nice catching up on each other's lives and we made plans for pizza over the Christmas break. 

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Rogersville Christmas Parade

It feels like Christmas now. Our Choptack church entered a float for the annual Rogersville parade.  The day started out rainy and beyond it misting while waiting for the parade to start, the Lord answered our prayers with dry weather. Our float was a goose-neck trailer with hay bales to sit on. All the floats were judged and ours got second place as it was the only one entered with a nativity scene. Imagine that. We were delighted with second place. Pastor Keith, Renn, Joyce and I were the safety monitors walking along side of the float, passing out candy to the children. I love small towns and knowing most everyone, spending the whole time waiving and shouting Merry Christmas. Of course I had to make quick stops for hugs to dear friends. It just doesn't get better then that.  The parade was a little over a mile, going through downtown Rogersville and Joyce and I had a ball. Preston, Randy's buddy, drove a big red truck right behind our float.  He'd honk his horn to the delight of all. The best part of the parade was seeing the many smiles on the children's faces. Today reminded of the Johnny Mathis song...It's the most wonderful time of the year!     

Bill to the Farmers Market

It was hard saying goodbye to Bill today. Scott and Ethan loaded him up in the trailer last night.  He went easily in the trailer with feed, probably cause he was tired of being in that stall. He looks a little dirty from spending the night in the cattle trailer, but actually he's a beautiful bull. At the last minute I decided to stay home, so Scott took him to the farmers market.  Bill's official weigh in was 1, 555 pounds. I wonder where Bill is and if he has a good home. Scott thinks he's at a new farm with lots of heifers!  

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Visitor From Shanghai

Tonight, we invited Scott's co-worker, Walden, over for a home cooked meal. Walden is from Shanghai and this is his first time visiting Rogersville.  He wanted to see what an American family was like and since I worked all day, I made crock pot stew, coming home to dinner already done. Walden knocked on our door with roses and I gave him an American hug for them! We sat around our table for several hours, learning more about his wife, son and family and sharing about our family. What a blessed evening! I'm sure he'll go home with lots of stories of farm life :)