Friday, May 11, 2018

One More Moving Day

We drove to Cookville a week after Ethan's graduation to finish moving the kids...last load. Between Ethan, Charles and Brittney's stuff, we made it, and just barely.  We strapped everything securely and headed down the highway, looking like the Beverly Hillbillies minus the rocking chair on top!    

Charles' Senior Project

Charles' was unable to attend his graduation ceremony as it was the same day/time as Ethan and Brittney's. On this visit, Charles called his professor and we all met at the Higher Education Campus in Cookville where Charles attended school these last two years.  We met Professor Dean and he mentioned how the Mechatronics program started up two years ago, saying that Charles and one other student were the first to complete the program and graduate. Way to go Bud! Professor Dean and Charles gave us a tour of the facility, then Charles showed us his senior project that he built and programmed. Totally technical and so cool.  I took a video of his project so you can get an idea of what he's accomplished.  Thank you Professor Dean for the encouragement and mentoring our our son. Congratulations, Charles, on your degree in Applied Science and we pray blessings on you as you begin your career. 

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Ethan's Graduation Party

After graduation we met at a local community center for a party with Ethan's friends. Ethan and his roommate, Chris, planned the party, having it catered with tacos. Chris is wearing the green plaid shirt in the pictures below. It was such a delight seeing Ethan with his friends, many of which are part of the swing dance club that Ethan's been involved with during the last several years.  Great bunch of kids.  After lunch, Ethan and his friends danced a little and I quickly got my camera out!  We were all sitting at the table, simply marveling at Ethan dancing....and he's very good! 

TTU Graduation Day

Today was a day of celebration!  Ethan and Charles' girlfriend, Brittney, graduated from TTU.  They did it! They both graduated from the College of Engineering, with Ethan majoring in Electrical Engineering and Brittney, Mechanical Engineering.  I took lots of pictures of their special day beginning as they entered the Hooper Eblen Center to exiting and meeting them outside. Brittney's parents sat by us and we enjoyed visiting with them. Brittney's dad recently had a lung transplant and was doing well. I know her parents were so thankful to the Lord for his being able to attend this special occasion.   This was a special day for Charles too, as he graduated from Volunteer State Community College.  His graduation was the exact same time, only an hour away in Nashville.  It was difficult to be in two places at once and Charles chose to give up walking across the stage so he could watch Ethan and Brittney as they graduated.  More on Charles' graduation in an upcoming blog.  Randy also graduates from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary next week.  Way to go graduates...we're so proud of you and your accomplishments.We give praise to our Lord for His blessings on this time.